Camping this weekend? I think not :P

This weekend has been really strange for me. My initial plans for the weekend were to go camping with my family at a new campsite. I was excited for the first camping weekend of the year, it was going to be filled with good campfire talks, as well as good campfire food. Unfortunately, our kittens decided this would be a good weekend to get sick.

At first we just though they had that gunk in their eyes that baby kittens sometimes get, but as we learned when we had to take them to the vet they actually had a bacterial infection. Two of the kittens had it so bad that they had skin healing on top of the eyeball. Well, the vet took them to the back and cut the skin that was on top of their eyeball, me and my mother sat in the exam room and heard these little kittens crying. The next thing that we had to do is apply antibiotic gel to their eyes twice a day, and if that isn’t enough work I have spent 15 minutes with them every hour for the last two days (every 2 hours at night). I spent this time with them, with a wet napkin in hand and wiped their eyes clean and pried them open so that we could diminish the skin from healing over. So for all of my efforts, the skin is still growing over (which might require them to be cut open again), but on a happy note the rest of the swelling seems to be going down.

Overall the weekend did not go as I had originally planned, but through this experience I think I learned some patience as well as a lesson in a small form of parenting. I now understand how it must feel to care for a sick child. So to all of the parents out there I am grateful for all that you do and all the time you spend with your children.

The weekend isn’t over, but tomorrow won’t be all that more exciting. I have to work on a school assignment. Wish me luck, as there is also an exam coming up in a short while.


Hey everyone,

It has been a while since I posted anything. I would just like to give everyone a brief overview of what has been happening in my life recently. As some of you know March and April are called  “tax season” for me. This year it was busy at work and with school; hence why I have not posted anything in a while. Basically, my life consisted of work, school and being lazy whenever I had a free moment. Recently I have taken up the hobby of painting, I have always loved art, whether that art is on paper, canvas or in the form of music. This has been a source of inspiration for me, because recently I have been so distracted with many different things. Everyday I realize the new things the Devil tries to distract me with. It is hard to resist sometime, and lately I have found it extremely difficult. Continue reading “Trust in the Lord”

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